Someone should write up what we offer.

Which also means someone should decide what we offer.

Initial Offering: Shared Hosting – Web; Email; DNS

Price: $TBD/mo

  • Up to 5 domains, unlimited domain aliases (or, plainer, up to 5 individual sites; but an unlimited number of domains which can point at any of those 5)
  • Soft storage limit: 150GB – You will receive warnings as you near and pass 150GB; but no hard limits. Please keep in mind that you are using a shared resource.
  • No hard bandwidth or transfer limits.
  • Dedicated IPs available (when?) (for how much?)

Unlimited? Not entirely; you fill our system with crud; crush the network or CPU; and interfere with other customers ability to use the service and you will asked to knock it off. Continued over-heavy use will lead to being asked to find somewhere else to be hosted.

Also available: Individual email accounts on our domains.

  • Webmail via Roundcube at
  • POP; IMAP; SMTP at
  • Domains:;

Price: $TBD/mo

In future; we hope to expand our infrastructure to increase available storage on the shared hosting systems; add VPS/VM hosting. Even further in the future; we hope to offer some small dedicated server hosting.

Currently we are not offering managed services; beyond simple mail accounts. You manage your own domain(s) at