Shared Hosting – Web; Email; DNS; MariaDB
Price: $15/mo

  • Up to 5 domains, unlimited domain aliases (or, plainer, up to 5 individual sites; but an unlimited number of domains which can point at any of those 5)
  • Soft storage limit: 150GB – You will receive warnings as you near and pass 150GB; but no hard limits. Please keep in mind that you are using a shared resource.
  • Up to 10 MariaDB/MySQL databases.
  • No hard bandwidth or transfer limits.
  • No hard CPU limits.
  • Dedicated IPs eventually available (when?) (for how many cookies?)
  • Plesk WordPress Installer available.

Usage limits? Unlimited? No; you fill our system with crud; crush the network or CPU; and interfere with other customers ability to use the service and you will asked to knock it off. Continued over-heavy use will lead to being asked to find somewhere else to be hosted.

We’re still small and hoping to grow; so large and resource-intensive sites and projects may be best served elsewhere for now, but we hope our future VPS and dedicated server products will fulfill your needs!

Please see our FAQs page for other assorted information and questions about our offerings.
If your questions aren’t answered there, please email us at

Domain Registration

Domain registration; transfer; etc will be available through our customer panel. Details TBD once I figure out how to set it all up!

Individual Email Accounts
Price: $2/mo

In future; we hope to expand our infrastructure to increase available storage on the shared hosting systems; add VPS/VM hosting. Even further in the future; we hope to offer some small dedicated server hosting.

Currently we are not offering managed services; beyond simple mail accounts. You manage your own domain(s) at