FAQs have moved!

We’ve moved the FAQ page content into the Knowledgebase in the Customer Panel. The KB can be accessed without logging in, and all the old questions are there as articles. Eventually we’ll expand this if we get around to writing any useful articles.

New Payment Option

Hello, everyone! Just a quick one to say we’ve enabled a new payment option for those who don’t wish to use PayPal. We now can accept credit cards. In the system we have setup, Lower Ground still does not store your credit card details directly. When you place an order, they are submitted to the …

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Launch Day

Welcome to Lower Ground! Lower Ground is a small hosting company, based in Seattle, Washington. Check this post for quick links to our service panels; FAQs; and support email. Or just look in the upper right of this page. For our initial offerings, we’re have mailboxes on our domains, shared hosting plans for your domains/websites/mailboxes, …

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Payment Gateways … WHY

So, I had a few days where I was about to blow this whole idea up. And it’s all about payment gateways. Get one part working; another part doesn’t. Update something unrelated; suddenly subscriptions are duplicated. But now… now it’s all working right. NOBODY TOUCH IT. -Jesse


I’m satisfied that our hosting platform and software is functional and stable; it’s been running my personal domain and associated junk for a couple months now. Tonight, I’ve made a handful of updates to our website, on the Services and FAQs pages; and also changed up the WP theme.And yes, I am being lazy and …

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Coming Soon …

The Cloud is just someone else’s computer. But it’s nice to not have to worry about the hardware sometimes. So, why not host on mine? I’ve got to justify this hardware habit somehow!