Lower Ground
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Uhhh.. Let’s see…

SO. There’s some guy, he collects computers, tinkers with old hardware, and spends days working in IT.

One day; he thinks “Oh! I know! I should start a hosting company! That’s fun, right?!”
And here we are.

Lower Ground intends to be a hosting company that will provide a hopefully growing collection of services. Starting with shared hosting; but hopefully expanding in to VPS and maybe even dedicate server hosting.

For now; we’re physically hosted elsewhere and offering shared hosting; and email accounts. One day we hope to grow enough to support our habit of collecting and building old servers out and playing with networks; and build our own small datacenter.

We also started this because of a growing trend in the rest of the internet. Many services; like simple web hosting; and email are ‘free’ or inexpensive to the user; but collect information; insert ads; etc.

We’d like to offer services with a clear price, and a lack of bullshit, to be blunt. Your email; your web content; your databases are not something we care to scrape; analyze; or otherwise make use of. Our only interaction with your data should be to host it in the way you ask for.

Our current services are aimed more towards our fellow tech folks who don’t want to deal with running the whole server themselves. In future we may offer some managed services, but for now, we still have a day job!

Please see our Services page for more information on what we offer!