Launch Day

Welcome to Lower Ground!

Lower Ground is a small hosting company, based in Seattle, Washington.

Check this post for quick links to our service panels; FAQs; and support email. Or just look in the upper right of this page.

For our initial offerings, we’re have mailboxes on our domains, shared hosting plans for your domains/websites/mailboxes, and domain registration services.
We’re not webdevs; just a network and systems guy trying to build a side thing, so please excuse the… clunky website for now.

You can browse and order services via our Customer Panel at:
If you have a Shared Hosting account, you can access Plesk to manage it via the Customer Panel, or directly at
Lower Ground mailbox webmail is at:; and mailbox settings are accessible at

FAQs about our services are here: FAQs
If you have questions not answered here, please shoot us an email at, or if you just have suggestions improvements to our site.

Orders will be processed and services provisioned after review by our staff; automatic provisioning for brand-new accounts is not currently enabled.

Status updates and announcements should usually appear on this blog; but please also give us a follow on Twitter @lowergroundllc; where we’ll generally try to keep posting about what’s going on with Lower Ground’s status.

Thanks for considering us for your hosting needs!