I’m satisfied that our hosting platform and software is functional and stable; it’s been running my personal domain and associated junk for a couple months now.

Tonight, I’ve made a handful of updates to our website, on the Services and FAQs pages; and also changed up the WP theme.
And yes, I am being lazy and using WordPress for the main site, for now.

My original hope when I first filed the paperwork to form Lower Ground as a business was to start business in October, and maybe we’ll make it?

Still need to work on how I want to handle account signups; billing; payments; and all that fun stuff. If I can motivate myself; I’ll have a new update on that front soon!

As we launch, whenever that is, we’ll be offering a web/email/dns/db service on our shared hosting setup; as well as individual email accounts on the lowerground.me or lowerground.online domains, if all you want is a mailbox.

Alright, off to review customer management software!